Tuesday, September 10, 2013

indie kindrid

last night i had the great opportunity to see a screening of jen lee's film indie kindrid, a movie about creative collaboration. two of the artists in the movie are liz lamoreux and kelly barton. i met liz and kelly at the retreat that i went to earlier this year. as you know, i thought that experiece was ah-maz-ing and a life changer. i left that retreat with a full heart and a ton of new friendships with women spread across the usa and canada. i continue to be super thankful for all of them as they continue to make my life better on a daily basis. love you ladies.

this picture taken while at the retreat will forever be one of my all time favorites.

it was so great to see liz and kelly tell parts of their own story on the big screen, and to hear the stories of the other featured artists. very, very inspiring. i also got to reconnect with my friend hannah as we took in the screening together. a great, great monday night for me. i left there feeling like my heart was full and i had been given the chance to catch my breath for two hours. perfect.

i also left there feeling like my dreams were banging around louder than ever just wanting to be let out. etsy shop. selling my cards. the dream gains more and more volume as time goes by. more to come on that soon.

in the meantime, i hope that this week allows you to spend some time with -- or time to seek out --  your own kindrids. xo

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