Thursday, September 12, 2013

finally friday

oh friday, i am so happy to see you. it has been a long week my friend, and it feels like you took your own sweet time getting here. but, here you are, and i am so very thankful.

i am looking forward to this weekend for the following reasons:
- i will not be working (that is, after i stop working tomorrow on my day off. don't even get me started.)
- campout nights with popcorn, and catching up on project runway - one of malena's favorite shows as she loves to see the clothes that they make and be her own judge on who will win and lose. maybe we have a little fashion designer on our hands which would be totally good by me, especially if she hooks her mom up with her latest and greatest.
- sleep. and then some more sleep.
- lunch with one of my favorite peeps.
- some more scheming on christmas presents i am going to make.
- celebrating family birthdays for my brother and niece and the very first birthday for our little man isidro. very fun. you know i love birthdays, and the wishes that come along with them.
- eating my mom's gluten free swedish pancakes. yes please. i will take seconds, ok, maybe thirds;)
- did i mention not working and getting sleep?
- starting to read this book which i have only heard good things about (which kind of makes sense otherwise why would i be reading it, right?)
- putting a deposit down to get a tattoo appointment made - wow, those are words that i never thought would come out of my mouth if you had asked before the c-word came along.
- hopefully some bonding time with my craft room working on pictures. i have missed my craft room this week and i am pretty sure that it feels neglected and lonely. hoping we can reunite and patch things up this weekend.
- getting some happy mail ready to be sent out into the world.
- taking malena to the fair - and i can tell you what that adventure will pretty much revolve around...the horses, the horses, the horses. but they make her happy and so i am all over it.
- going to staples to get this background made into a poster for our family pictures next week. can you even imagine how cute malena is going to look taking pictures in front of that? i can, and i think that it is going to rock.
- seriously considering ordering this download to print and frame. i would love to look at those words everyday as barrett and i go about our daily lives.
- rereading this post which i thought was amazing and such a good reminder for us women on loving ourselves -- just the way we are. i could give myself some more of that love (hellos scars everywhere i look) just like everyone else can.

have a good weekend peeps, i hope yours doesn't include work, does include sleep, and definitely includes you making time for the things that really matter. xo

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  1. I'm in the middle of a book right now, but will try that one next, thanks for the insight!

    What kind of tattoo are you getting???? Super curious!

    Funny thing about scars- you know mine is on my thigh. Surgery in late April, so I've pretty much been skirts and shorts since. Today was finally cool enough to wear capris to school (I teach in a building with no A/C...yes, I know, crazy, huh?) and it was so odd to have it covered up. It actually is still quite sore (?) and I don't like the way it feels to have pants on it. Weird, huh?