Wednesday, September 4, 2013

bubble wrap

patty's scans today showed some growth so she will be back for some more scans in four weeks. the hope is that the growth is due to swelling from radiation (isn't it crazy that you would hope for swelling from radiation, damn i really hate tumors) and not from actual tumor growth. we all know that we are good at holding on to hope, so let's keep up the good work so that tumor gets so scared that it shrinks down all on its own within the next four weeks.

also on friday i would very much appreciate good vibes for a friend that is going in for a big surgery, with the hope that the results will show that cancer isn't a word that she has to live with. so please kick your magic into gear at 11:30 on friday morning and send good mojo/prayers/vibes for a successful surgery and clean results. there is just simply not another option, so i think it is a given, but let's just give a little extra insurance with your awesome vibes.

oh, bubble wrap.

i think that i have wrote before how about i wish that i could wrap my friends and family up in it to protect them from hurt. it always seems that someone (or at times like these multiple someones) i love is hurting for one reason or another. i still very much feel that way about bubble wrap. i wish that there were times that my loved ones could do the same for me (hello scan times) to help protect me from fears and all the tough (ok, totally shitty) stuff that comes with cancer. i suppose that we actually could wrap up our loved ones in bubble wrap, they might look a little funny and walk a little weird and people might point at them in public - but it is possible. i am not sure that they would really appreciate it though for the reasons in the previous sentence. so instead, i think that the best we can do is to show up. to show up in whatever way you can. sending good vibes or prayers or mojo. silently sending your strength out into the world, telling the winds to leave it on their doorstep. to call them. to send them a text message. to send them an email. to send up smoke signals. to send happy mail. to give them a hug. to give them a smile. to say tell me what you need, and then follow through when they actually tell you. to listen. to just sit quietly with them. to make them laugh. to let them know that you believe it will be okay, it will really be okay. it may hurt like hell for a while (maybe even what feels like eternity), but there will come a point, where it will be okay - and they may get to that point without even realizing it because the hurt is just magically a little less one day when they wake up. to let them know that you support them, whatever decision they make, whatever they need to do. as long as they are happy, you support them. to let them know that when it may seem like life is going on as normal (aka good) for everyone else, you remember that today is a little bit tougher for them.

so i will continue to show up and do the best that i can. i will also continue to think more on the bubble wrap idea, there might be a million dollar idea there that i just need to execute with the right marketing/production plan;)

i will talk to you on the flip side of the weekend, with some new adventures in the books for us. i can't wait.

have a great weekend.

i hope you show up, and someone does the same for you. xo

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  1. Will pray that all goes well with Patty and your other friend, who faces surgery. Cancer is a moron.
    Also needed to read the rest of your post (perfectly timed, my friend) as I stood in the hallway today with a colleague and cried with her. Saturday will mark the 2 year anniversary of the day that she delivered a stillborn beautiful daughter. My heart aches for her and her husband, and the pain, grief, and longing that she continues to feel is unimaginable. I hope I was a good listener today, but man, I'd do just about anything so that she wouldn't have had to go through what she is going through.
    Thank you for writing it, I needed to hear it. All the way over here in Ohio. :)
    Have a great weekend--read the book! I passed my copy on to one of the English teachers (who happens to be named Bernadette!!).