Monday, July 18, 2016


today was bloodwork day, pretty much all mondays for a while are going to be bloodwork days.

today's tests showed that my liver levels have gone down in the last week. thank goodness. one of the two levels we are watching closely is back in normal range (woohoo!) and the other is still above normal (wah wah). so, i will drop down 10mg of steroids (woohoo!) starting tomorrow and then we will see how the liver levels are looking next week. if i am lucky, i will get to drop another 10mg starting next week (fingers crossed).

if all goes well (fingers and toes all crossed), i might be off steroids by the middle of august (i can only hope). i would then take a couple weeks off from all meds (what would that even be like?) and go in weekly for bloodwork to make sure that my liver doesn't go crazy again (it wouldn't dare, would it?).

if my liver stays in good shape (c'mon liver), then we would start treatment again in early september. we would do another scan (cue scary music) before i would start treatment to make sure that we had the latest and greatest baseline (here is where we hope for tumor shrinkage) before treatment started. then we would start one drug again on an every two week cycle. we would see how that goes (we know it is going to go well, right? right.) for a while before we decided to see if we could introduce the second drug back in again at a lower dose.

so that is current plan without really having a definite plan since my liver sometimes (obviously) likes to think all on its own. so we shall see. one pill at a time.

in other news, day one of 41 was good. i stuck to my word of being more intentional with my time. i listened to four podcasts instead of listening to the radio. i spent time exploring my yard (while pulling some weeds that apparently felt like my yard was a good place to call home) and took the above picture. the hydrangeas were looking beautiful after an earlier summer rain, and i looked down and saw the little yellow heart leaf and thought that it was pretty perfect. a good sign for the day for sure. read in my book for 30 minutes while in my hot sauna appointment. all good things.

as i focus on all of the things that 41 and i are going to do this year, there might not be a blog in the coming weeks every single day. don't worry, that doesn't mean anything is wrong, it just means i have no news on my end and i am reading/crafting/creating happy mail/spending time in our tub/playing with kiddo/exercising/napping/unpacking/eating dinner outside or one of the other million things on my list of things to do/enjoy.

i hope that you all had a good monday.

41 and i had a good one together.

i am hoping for a repeat tomorrow.

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