Monday, July 25, 2016

long day

today was a long day.

i was in seattle at 7am to get some work in before my blood draw at 8:15.

then right to the office for a full day of work.

my liver levels are down again this week, all within normal range except one that is just on the border. i will take it. i get to go down 10mg of steroids starting tomorrow which is good. hopefully the trend continues next week. happy with that news today for sure.

on friday night i noticed a bump on my right leg.

i called my derm's office bright and early this morning and he got me in this afternoon. he has always told me that if i notice anything to call and he will get me in asap. and he always does. i love that guy.

in looking at the bump, he thought that it was going to be some tissue build up and nothing to be worried about. so that is good. but we biopsied it anyways because as we all know, better safe than sorry. so, a cut in my leg and stitches. i should get the results this week, he will call me so the results will come whenever he gets them, then back in two weeks to get the stitches out. since he seems pretty comfortable that it will be ok, i am pretty comfortable -- minus my sore leg of course.

then i got my schedule for the next month or two of appointments. if i taper down off of steroids over the next two weeks, it looks like treatment may start as early at august 22nd. a scan will be in there again as well. so that is quicker than we had talked about but it seems like the timing may be what my oncologist thought it would be if i can get off the steroids in about two weeks. so we will see.

so that is the latest and greatest. good bloodwork. liver behaving. stitches in my leg. hoping on good biopsy results. facing the reality of switching from steroids to treatment in the next month.

hence, the long day.

but before this long day, in the last week, life has been keeping me busy with all the things i told you that 41 and i were going to do. we have had dinner outside most nights. we read the light between oceans (so, so good!) and started reading the rosie project (loving it!!). we have hung up art in our house, unpacked some boxes. got my craft room in pretty good shape. got some happy mail sent at the post office. had tickle fights. saw a movie, ate some popcorn. had camp out nights. dinner with friends. sleeping in. had some dates with the hot sauna to sweat out toxins and have 30 minutes of solid reading time. watching malena ride her bike around the neighborhood. listening to her laughter while her and a friend have a play date. watching some good games of twister go down in our living room. and more. lots of good things.

i hope that your weekends were good ones and that your weeks are getting off to a great start.

and if you come across some cold ciders, i am begging you, have at least two for me please. xo

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