Sunday, February 28, 2016


"remember forward movement.
forward is the way of trust.
forward is the way of forgiveness.
forward is the way of action.
forward is the way of healing.
forward is essentially life."
(victoria erickson)

the weekend was a good one.

camp outs.

a long walk with a good friend catching up on life.

picking up 60o+ boxes of girl scout cookies. yes, 600+. good thing i can't eat thin mints or we could have had a major problem.

seeing the movie "the reverent" while eating popcorn and drinking green tea. while sitting next to one of my favorite people. excellent combination. that movie has to be one of the most visually beautiful movies ever made. just wow. if you have seen that movie, you have no doubt as to why leo just won the oscar for that performance. amazing. i will never forget that movie.

speaking of the oscars, i also did some daydreaming about the day that my friend jen wins for best actress. she is already the best actress living in cali, the awards shows just haven't caught up to that yet. but they will, and i will be here rooting for her until that day comes and she walks up to get that golden statue.

swim lessons.

time in our craft room.

reading books with my girl. reading my book. loved both.

sleep on saturday night, it basically avoided me on friday night.

diving into cookbooks and coming up with new recipes to try this week.

getting back on my elliptical, can't quite get my full arm movement yet but it will come.

watched the video of kelly clarkson singing "piece by piece" on american idol. that might be one of the most moving performances i have ever seen.

listened to this version (which is now my favorite version) of "girls just want to have fun" on my phone while driving around this weekend

ate my favorite fajitas for breakfast (yep, fajitas at 10am is totally doable) this morning. yum.

a good weekend. i am sorry to see it go. but this week holds fun things (minus everything associated with work).

so like the quote says, forward i go.

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