Tuesday, February 23, 2016


+++ watching "blacklist" as i type this (love this show, even though it makes me a nervous wreck most all of the time;))

+++ encouraged by a good plan i have in place with my nutritionist and my naturopath. my bloodwork showed that some of my vitamin levels are really low, which may be contributing to why i am so tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiired all of the time. so we are boosting those up and hoping that my energy kicks up a bit too.

+++ loving the pictures from the weekend. my sister (aka nerd) was in town this weekend and we played tourists and took malena to a couple places for the first time -- pike place market, the gum wall, the pig at the market, to watch the flying fish, etc. oh, and a carriage ride. it is always so fun to see things through her eyes for the first time.

+++ finding my way through this "in between" time when it is post-surgery, still finding my way through recovery, and feeling like scans are not that far away again. definitely feeling the ebb and flow of all the corresponding emotions.

+++ excited to try some new recipes from some cookbooks. definitely looking forward to changing up some regular veggies with this book.

+++ looking forward to "the voice"coming back on next week. i am such a sucker for that show.

+++ waiting for the time change to come so that i can get in some walking after work without it being dark. i usually am not a fun of losing an hour of sleep (because man it is precious these days) but for more daylight i am totally in.

+++ i really loved this post about family pictures, and especially these words:
"for all the pretty pictures i share–that anyone shares–there are accompanying stories. it’s easy to believe that those stories are all glossy and perfect and cozy, but i know better than to assume that. in fact, part of what i love about following friends even with the most breathtaking photos where life seems nothing but light-filled scenes of dreams–is knowing that those moments are earned through unseen moments of really hard work. there are so many stories we don’t share–stories of humor and heartache and beauty and joy and messing up and fixing it and hoping and trying and love…lots of hard work.  that’s the real beauty of family."

happy wednesday all. hump day is here. i for one am happy about being in the middle. how about you?

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