Sunday, August 17, 2014

hello monday

i have no idea how it is already sunday night. but here it is whether i like it or not, and i don't like it (just in case you are wondering). that means that tomorrow is monday, which means five days of work are right around the corner. but i will try not to think about that too much as i lay my head down tonight and will instead think about the good things that happened over the weekend.

we caught up on our project runway and sketched our own clothes just like the designers do. we take project runway very seriously around here in case you couldn't tell.
my friend erin posted this over the weekend. just in case anyone is looking for me in october, i am pretty sure that this might be a good guess where you will find me. ikea and paper in the same place, all of my dreams might be coming true.

you knew this was going to happen (no, it isn't a hard cider) - avocado toast. i could eat this every day and be pretty happy about. oh wait, i do it eat it almost every day and i am pretty happy about.
i got my hardest 10k training run yet in over the weekend, 3 miles of it had hill after hill after hill and they were all going up. but what i love about uphill (and trust me, this is the only thing that i love about uphill), is that it always has a downhill on the way home. 3 weeks from today is the 10k, can't believe how quick that is coming up. i remember when i first considered signing up over four months ago. time flies when you are hitting the pavement.
malena and i worked on some projects in the craft room, i love watching her tackle her own projects and coming up with her own ideas. i think that we all know who she gets her creativity from, and her name isn't barrett.

on this monday, beth starts her second round of chemo, she will be 1/4 of the way through after this week. we love progress and showing cancer that we mean business. so send her your love, prayers and mojo as round 2 begins. she will go in at about 1:30 seattle time, and then the pump will come out on wednesday. you've got this beth, go fighter go.

i hope that your mondays have some bright spots to start off your week. xo

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