Wednesday, February 12, 2014

prayers for patty

today i got the update that patty is giving her family the signs that she is getting ready to finish her fight with her brain tumor. back in december when patty was admitted to the hospital the doctors thought that time was short (and it is always too short when you are talking about someone fighting cancer), but patty continued to be a hell of a fighter through january and now into february. she picked up her boxing gloves again and was ready to go a few more rounds, and she has been swinging the entire time.

so please send as much love, prayers, and mojo as you can to patty and her entire family, and my dear friend kerry as they spend these hours together.

i love this picture of kerry, bentley, and patty -- such a special shot to capture a precious moment in the fight.

thanks for sending them your love, i know that they all feel it and appreciate it.

as chuck, patty's husband, wrote to me in an email earlier this week...never, never, never, never give up.

patty and the ruth clan never have.

a lesson for us all to remember. xo

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