Tuesday, February 18, 2014

around here

++ around here i am fighting a killer cold that makes me want to curl up in a little ball and stay in bed all day. which is exactly what i did today.

++ around here we celebrated valentine's day with chocolate donuts for breakfast, a valentine's party in malena's classroom, a starbucks date in the afternoon, and lots of smiles and hugs.

++ around here we had a baby shower to welcome baby harper who is coming in march and will be our newest family member, can't wait to meet him.

++ around here we had tons of cousin play time, which included these two owning a restaurant and the rest of us being their customers who were very busy eating and paying on a regular basis.

++ around here we are rooting for beth as she starts her radiation/chemo treatments.

++ around here we are sending mary good vibes in wisconsin as she continues to recover from her surgery. mary also sent some thoughts that i wanted to share with all of you, "Thank you to all of Alli 's followers. I appreciate all the good mojo, positive vibes, prayers, and happy mail. I know I gain strength knowing I am not fighting alone. God bless you all."

++ around here we are keeping prayers and love going to the ruth family as they move through these first days without patty.

++ around here we celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary by watching our wedding video. i am so thankful for that video. not just so that barrett and i can watch it back, but so that i know that malena will always have it to be able to watch. i also love it because i get to see some of our loved ones that are no longer physically with us but who we carry in our hearts, and it reminds me of how thankful i was and continue to be for those that were there to share that day with us. it is emotional to think of those vows of in sickness and in health and how we could never have imagined how fully we would have lived those words in these first seven years.

++ around here we loved watching the video of chase's warriors doing the polar plunge for special olympics -- so awesome!

Chasers Warriors polar Plunge Video! Here is a YouTube link to the teams jump. Thanks Brad Soderberg for sending this- and thank you everyone again for your support. -Especially those of you that came out to cheer us on!!!The team raised over $14k for Special Olympics. Only bad part of the entire jump is - it's done. we are taking recruits for next year!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWbUhsIBFr4&feature=youtube_gdata_playerChaser's Warriors Polar Plunge Prior Lake '14

++ around here i have been loving this etsy site and trying to decide how to limit myself on not buying every card;)

++ around here i thought elise's list on ideas for the brand new mama was right on

++ around here i think that all three of us hansons could wear this t-shirt on any given day

++ around here this recipe for salted caramel molten chocolate cakes might have made me drool just a little bit (ok, a lot)

++ around here i am hoping that this family gets the help they need to buy a continuous glucose monitor for their 4 year old son who was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. i have followed her blog for a quite a while, and my heart could relate when she said "it's uncomfortablet to ask for help. but, we need help. we need peace of mind." i think that all parents should get the peace of mind they need to take the best care of their kids as possible.

++ around here i am thinking that i might download ann-marie's desktop wallpaper to help me get through the wind, rain, wind, rain...

++ around here i am also a sucker for to-do lists and ann marie's printable would make me pretty excited about creating some lists;)

++ around here i think that every kid's room might be just that much better with this kelly rae roberts print in it

++ around here i am looking forward to heading to alderbook later this week to celebrate our 7th anniversary and catch our breath at our favorite place

++ around here i am working hard on lowering my stress level and focusing hard on taking the best care possible of myself. one of the ways that i am going to do that is to take liz's hand to heart series.

++ around here i am hoping that you all have a great wednesday.

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