Monday, February 3, 2014

for sharon

i am still catching my breath after the scans last week.

i have a lot i intend to write about -- more info on the scan results, the list of for the 90 days, etc., --- but on tuesday there is one thing more important than all of those words.

tuesday at 1:30 sharon gets her bloodwork results and i just know that her tumor markers will be low and she will get good results. i told her when i got mine last week that the two of us are on a roll and she will keep the momentum going. i just know it.

so please send your mojo, prayers, and love to sharon as she gets those good results.

we need more reasons to celebrate and show 2014 that we are working hard to ensure that cancer gets its you-know-what kicked this year. big time. for all of the cancer warriors that are in still in their fights.

go sharon go, and f*ck cancer.

i know you will. xo

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