Tuesday, February 4, 2014

i heart good news on world cancer day

while i wish that there was no need for a "world cancer day" to even be necessary, i am glad that this year's brought good news.

sharon's tumor markers were way down, awesome news!!!!! so, so happy for her and her entire family as i know that they are all (as we are collectively with them) having a huge sigh of relief today. i just knew she was going to kick cancer's you-know-what and she did.

love that.

i also wanted to share an update on chase who continues his own fight on a daily basis:

"Rub-a-Dub-Dub, Chaser sure didn't like the tub. (we posted a video on Chases FB Page)....The last few days have been fairly routine around the Lykken Household. Chase is doing well, and has fully recovered from his cold. He has really been doing some great things these last couple of days. In therapy the other day, he was in a tall kneel position while holding his head straight up - for over 4 minutes! His neck and core strength seem to be improving almost daily! The kids are back in school- Lisa's hoping they are going to finish an entire week without a weather related closing. While getting a tub, Chase decided to show his voice and express himself- We have heard him cry and moan, but lately it definitely seems "different". We are looking forward to seeing-hearing what Chase will do next!

God is Good!

PS. On Behalf of all of us on the Chasers Warriors Polar Plunge team members -Thank you to all that have helped us get halfway to our goal. Not to be outdone by his sister- tanner came to me on Sunday after his post hockey practice shower "Dad, I tried that shower challenge thing for 2 seconds.....ya, not so much- dad, it was cold- I don't think this Plunge thing is gonna work out." Do you still want me to sign you up? I asked him with a smile on my face. "Ya, ok, sign me up." :) Its pretty cool to think that we take a couple hours out of our busy lives ,jump into some exhilarating, less than room temperature, seemingly walleye-less H2O..... and help some well deserved kids make memories of a lifetime! - Here is a link if you want to check our our team page."
i am going to head to bed now for hopefully some much needed sleep. last night was one of the most brutal runs of nightmares i have had yet. i kept waking up out of the nightmare about every 25 minutes or so, and would then fall right back into the nightmare, just to continue to wake up. a vicious and brutal cycle that lasted from about 30 minutes after i got in to bed until i had to drag myself out this morning. i was so tired today that i felt like a walking zombie. a zombie with low patience that just wanted to curl up in a ball and take a nap while my friend the daylight was still out.
happy wednesday peeps, i don't know about you, but i am pretty happy that we are half way to friday. xo

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