Thursday, February 27, 2014

oh hello friday

oh friday, it is good to see you. i would love seeing you even more if i wasn't going in to the office, but i will greet you with a smile nonetheless.

i am looking forward to the weekend. shuffleboard playing (mike, you are so going down). my parental team being in town. crafting up baby shower invitations. making cupcakes. celebrating beth's birthday. sleeping in. play date with some of malena's classmates. the oscars (jen, can't wait to see you on the red carpet one of these days - xo). all good things.

ok, and maybe i will watch this lip sync and a little of this one too. just maybe;)

i also wanted to give an update on chaser, here is the latest:

"Keep on Tickin Captain Lykken!  


Chaser rocked another one! Everything went great. We are hanging with him now in recovery- sounds like we get our walking papers in T-Minus 30 mins.... His breathing is good, all vitals back to his norm! We met with the doctors just prior to coming in here. The scope of his stomach look great. The Nissen is holding well, and the doctor was pleased. The view into his lungs looked good as well!- A big improvement from 4 months ago- This is GREAT news! If he is aspirating, it does not appear to be hurting his lungs....we just need to get that little flap moving normally now! (the epiglatis) As the doctor was explaining this, I think I saw him actually crack a smile :)
We are back tomorrow morning at 7am for a Stomach emptying test. This is a 4hr test we measure how much of his food he digests every hour- Hopefully he does better on that test as well. Then Friday we are back at 7am to an EEG - and get a meeting of minds with the doctors - to get an explination of their conclusions, and hopefully some solutions.
Chase thanks you all for your thoughts and Prayers.

God is Good!
Shields up! I'm Goin in!
Chaser is going into the OR this morning down at Mayo. As part of the follow-up AERO study we did in Sept, this week they are doing more tests and evaluating his condition again. He is going under General anesthesia- at 9ish.... While under, the team is going to inject Botox into salivary glands- (to slow down secretions) a scope of his stomach (to check the Nissen), take some samples of his stomach to check for bacteria (possible solution to the throwing up and stomach pains?), clean his ears, replace his Mick-ey, check his lungs- Basically give him a surgical "tune-up" . He should be under less than 1 1/2. Its a simple procedure, so nothing to worry about!
This is our 2nd day down here. Yesterday, Chaser met with 7 different doctors. This place is awesome! It was an assembly line of the worlds best coming in that tiny office and evaluating him, asking us if we had any questions. We expressed our concerns, and they either answered them, or set up a test later this week to try and find the answer. We are definitely blessed to have this opportunity to this much brain power paying attention to our little dude!
Chaser did a swallow-study, scope as well yesterday. They stuck a camera down his nose while mom fed him. We watched as the secretions bounced around his epiglottis, and he struggled to keep them out of his lungs. The good news, is he is getting better from the last time we did this test, but he is not ready start taking food through his mouth.....Yet....
Chaser has been showing some potential signs of "pre-puberty"- which can related his TBI. He had an X-Ray taken of his hand to check growth patterns with that of other 5 year olds on file. (This comes from a study that was done in England in 1940 at an orphanage- crazy!)We will get these results, along with the other tests on Friday at our consultation. We are very optimistic we will get some answers- some of them may not be very pleasant to hear, but hopefully there won't be any more guessing.... Lets face it, we know our warrior has a mountain to climb here on his road to recovery, and the only way to get to the top is to keep movin up- Which he is definitely doing! Have a Great day, we will keep you posted. Thank you all for your thoughts and Prayers.

God is Good!"

beth is about to finish her second week of chemo/radiation and is hanging in there like a warrior, super proud of her. mary has been having follow ups with her surgeon (healing is going good - yay!) and her oncologist to determine next steps as one of the margins was not clear from the tests done to confirm that they got all of the melanoma. so it looks like she will also be having a pet scan in may to determine next steps. i am pretty sure that we are both going to have great pet scans that will indicate that we don't have much to worry about.
i have not yet heard the results from mike's tests and will keep you posted when i do. keep sending all of them your love, prayers, and good mojo -- and to the ruth family in these days as they keep patty close in their hearts.

beth also asked me to pass along the following, "I also want to send a big thanks to all your peeps. (I have been getting mail from people I don't know :) ) I have really enjoyed the happy mail and appreciate all the good thoughts, prayers, mojo, etc. There is one thing you realize through this is that this is not somehting you can or should do alone. So everyone's support is so touching and encouraging." so a big thank you from beth and from me as well for those sending her happy mail and for all of you sending her your love, prayers, and mojo.

have a good weekend peeps, may yours include some time to relax and catch your breath -- and maybe a little lip syncing too;) xoxo

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