Sunday, March 11, 2012

hour, i miss you so

i am not sure what it is about the time change, but springing forward one hour is rough every year. that one hour feels like ten, i am tired and i feel like i could have got so much more accomplished today if i had that extra hour. ok let's be honest, i could have at least got one more hour of sleep;)

so another week begins my friends...not sure how that is possible since it was literally friday about 5 minutes ago, but here we go.

hope it is a good one.

+++ i have always loved this song, had never heard it sung by a woman until i heard this version from adele. love it.
+++ i am also loving this song these days
+++ wondering if i could make this apple crisp recipe with gluten free flour and have it turn out as good as it looks. yum. might have to give it a try.
+++ my dad and i spent a couple of minutes laughing our you-know-whats off at some hilarious cards from this artist yesterday afternoon. i heard my dad laughing from across the store when he read this one.

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