Sunday, August 26, 2018

this is one for mary

my friend mary in wisconsin that had no evidence of melanoma for 14 months found out on friday that the melanoma is back. she had a lump removed from her leg and it is melanoma again. the tumor has been removed. so we need to send her our good vibes, love, and prayers that they show the margins are clear and that her pet scan (full body scan) to follow will also be clear.

thank you in advance, both mary and i really appreciate it. we have been rooting her on for years in this space and i wish we didn't have to do so for this reason, but i do believe that we are going to bring her some magic.

i also wanted to note that kelli continues to be very grateful for the happy mail that she has received and has been overwhelmed (in a good way) by the kindness. so thank you and know that your time and efforts are being so appreciated more than you can imagine. kelli participated in a ragnar race around mt. rainier this weekend and their team ran 127.2 miles over 30 straight hours in a relay and climbed 38,000 feet in elevation. they wore shirts that said "johnwoulddoit" and the woman giving out the medals gave one to kelli in honor of john. she kicked some major ass this weekend and said it was john she did it for and only because of him that she was able to finish.

thanks for all the love you all send out into the world to people you don't even know. it makes such a difference in lives, and it makes me happy to think that about all the mail, prayers, vibes, and mojo that criss-cross this country on a daily basis for those who need it, including yours truly.

with that, we start another week. here we go peeps. xo

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  1. Thanks, Alli and all her "tribe" members for the good thoughts, mojo and prayers. Just another bump in the road.