Monday, August 6, 2018

my joints are retaliating and they are winning

hi peeps,

in addition to the issues that i noted in my last posted, i have had joint pain all over my body (down to my toes and fingers).

it has been so painful that i can't get myself up and out of chairs or walk by myself again or of course drive at all. so i am back to using my grandpa's cane to help me get around. good thing that barrett is strong as we finally got to the point of him just lifting me up and down so i don't have to use any of my weight because it hurts too bad. just in the last day, i have been able to do some things by myself even though it hurts. 

malena and i are scheduled to go on a day trip tomorrow with friends and so i have been resting as much as i could and trying with our nurses to find the right pain combo so i don't have to cancel yet one more thing for her. it is still high temperatures here and since my skin can't be exposed to the sun due to the sensitivity from the treatment drugs, i will be the one wearing long pants and having a golf umbrella with me at all times. it is what it is. if it means i can make this trip with her, then all of the pain and the crap i have to deal with to do it will be worth it. wish me luck.

we think that monday is my check-in day with the doctor to see if we up the meds. we will see what he says based on how this week is going. no set days for scans yet.

i hope that your summers are going well and are much more fun than being in a lot of pain and bed most of the time. if you can get out, get out. go to the park. get your feet wet. go the playground with your kiddos. take yourself to that movie you have been wanting to see. take that drive you have been wanting to do. go get that ice cream cone you want. walk you dogs. check out a new beach or trail. just sit and breathe. whatever you want and can do. do it. and make sure if you are outside you wear you sunscreen the whole time. and reapply. of course. or you know i am coming after you, and i have a cane too now.

also, reminder if you would like in on the happy mail for kelli campaign it is never too late, just let me know and I will hook you up with kristy the awesome coordinator for this round. she is pretty awesome right? right!
ps) I got a comment from someone who knows my friend jen nik but you show up as "unknown" so I don't know how to contact you to get you on the happy mail campaign, can you let jen know who you are so she can connect us? thanks!!!!!!

xoxo peeps

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