Sunday, August 12, 2018

the last week and next steps

just a little catch up session from me.

my side effects continued through most of this week (joint pains, etc.) but then Thursday night I spiked a fever to 105 and have had fevers on and off since.

so on Friday my oncologist pulled me off my treatment meds. which is always devastating even when I am in pain and dealing with fevers. I want those meds to be doing what they should be doing which is fighting the tumors. the other devastating part of that is that he may say he won't put me back on them which will yet again be one more option for me that is no longer  really an option.

so we meet with him tomorrow morning at 10 to see what he thinks and where we go from here. it has been a tough week for sure but hopefully we will have a path forward tomorrow and I can get back on the meds. 

we shall see.

gloves up.

anywhere I fight, you fight.

and I leaving the capitals in because my big brother will already be mad at me and that will just make it worse if I take time time to fix them.

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