Sunday, July 10, 2016

that time again

monday at 10am will be go time.

i will check in for bloodwork and then at 11am we meet with my oncologist to get the results from the scans on friday.

on friday, my closet was still packed up so i couldn't find my usual "f&ck cancer" shirt that i wear on scan days. but i had just ordered this "my bravery shirt" before we moved and could find it, so i decided that was a good sign and went with it and it did make me feel braver.

i was hoping that they wouldn't use my bruised arm/vein for the iv, but since it was the best vein at the time, they went with that one. and it hurt like hell. but they got it in on the first try so that was good, it just was really painful to have the iv in my arm for a couple of hours.

for the actual scan, they had a new machine that they are using which was kind of interesting to check out. and the best part is that the new machine is in a room that has --- wait for it, wait for it --- actual windows!!! i could see outside. how awesome is that? now they still had the stupid ceiling tiles about the machine, but i just had my head turned towards the windows when i didn't have to lay exactly still and looked out at the blue sky. that was a pretty great surprise for scan day.

after the scan wrapped, i waited out my 30 minute waiting period while having a couple of snacks and then headed to get some green tea in the cafeteria before heading to my counseling appointment. as i walked out of counseling, i remembered that i had forgot to bring my cinnamon bears with me which is a superstitious routine for me on scan day. luckily, the gift shop had some so the crisis was averted. whew!

the rest of the day i felt ok and was able to stay upright and work on things around the new house. we also said our final goodbye to the old house, i am sure that there is a blog post coming up about that soon but i am too tired tonight to write that one out.

our weekend has been good and distracting, we worked on unpacking and projects on the new house all weekend which kept my mind busy for the most part instead of having a ton of down time to dwell on tomorrow. which is a good thing.

as always, i will give an update tomorrow after we get results - should be sometime by early afternoon.

thanks for all of the love, prayers, mojo and vibes -- i will carry them with us tomorrow as head over to get the news.

anywhere i fight, you fight.

let's hope we get some good news in the fight tomorrow.

we could sure use it.


ps) scarlett -- if you wouldn't mind, leave me your email address in a comment and i will delete it after i get it:) tnx!

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