Friday, July 1, 2016

and the hits just keep on coming

so my liver levels have stayed essentially the same since monday.

i guess the good news in that is that they didn't rocket up higher.

the bad news is that since they didn't go down, i have to increase steroids. again. (does this seem like the same post from monday? yes, it does to me too. ugh)

so now i am just about back to where i started on the steroids at the start of the month.

tomorrow morning i increase them yet again.

which will mean that i will be on steroids for even longer now.

i am also now going to have to take an antibiotic as they are worried that i will get pneumonia from the fevers i continue to be having. and wouldn't getting pneumonia just be about the icing on the cake at this point? yep, pretty much.

so that is the latest.

more drugs.

and hopefully on tuesday when i go in for bloodwork the liver levels are going down.

let's hope.

in the meantime, we are going to continue to move into our new home. we will have family around for the weekend. i always love that. i know there will be laughter. and excitement about this new start. so there is a lot to look forward to.

and i choose to focus on that. in the midst of not feeling great, joints that ache, and my temper that feels like it needs to be put on a very short leash, there is so damn much to be thankful for.

and i am so, so thankful.

happy saturday peeps.

anywhere i unpack, you unpack. and we are going to do a lot of that this weekend;) xo


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  2. Here's to a weekend full of awesome new memories in the new house and fun times with family.