Tuesday, September 1, 2015

day one

so this day.

she did it.

she rocked it.

she got on the bus.

she found her way into her new school.

she found the line that she belonged in for her class.

she helped another new student clean the tables after lunch (can i tell you how much i loved that email from the teacher around noon which made me even more proud of her - as if that was even possible).

she was all smiles when i picked her up.

she decided that she wanted frozen yogurt to celebrate her big day -- with four toppings.

she told us all about the day, even the part about having to wear necklaces to go to the restroom which she quickly told us was "ridiculous" because her teacher already knew where she was going.

she was so brave.

she had a mom that had tears streaming down as she drove away.

she was so brave.

she was my hero.

she always, always is.

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