Thursday, September 24, 2015


"we can choose courage or we can choose comfort,
but we can't have both. not at the same time."
(brene brown)
those words are from brene's book rising strong.
i just read the words yesterday for the first time, but i have been feeling the tug between comfort and courage over the last couple of weeks.
change is hard. it just is. there is no way around it.
leaving the place i had worked for 15 years to go some place new is one of the biggest changes i have ever made.
at times, it feels like courage, at other times it feels like an immeasurable lack of comfort.
so i am working on moving through the hard parts of change.
i am reminding myself that really good things can come from change, and no matter what, we learn new things along the way.
learning new things is always, always good.
so if this change brings me life experiences i would not have otherwise had, and makes me a little bit stronger, i will be thankful for that.
anytime that i can feel stronger, and maybe a little bit less afraid of change in the future, i will embrace it.
the thing about change is that you take a chance that maybe you fail.
but there is also a chance that you don't. and maybe you soar.
there is only one way to find out.
life is meant for taking chances. it is the best way to grow.
if i have learned one thing since july 16, 2010, it is that you should always choose to take chances and see where life takes you.
you may not know where you will end up.
but it will likely be right where you were meant to be.


  1. Perfect, and just what I needed to hear.

  2. I often struggle against change at the outset. Looking back I rarely regret the choice to leap.