Wednesday, September 23, 2015

book read, goal accomplished

i busted out another september goal today.

i finished reading is everyone hanging out without me?

i had heard really good things about it and it did not disappoint.

i appreciated that she was so honest about so many different topics (comedy, marriage, physical appearances, to name just a few).

many times i was shaking my head in the "yes" motion because i thought that she nailed at topic with some really good points.

many times i was laughing out loud - like on a plane today when i accidentally scared the woman next to me when i suddenly busted out laughing. for the record, the book is now on her "to read" list as well (you are welcome mindy for the help with your book sales;)).

i had not heard of mindy before her role (which i loved) on "the office" (one of the best shows of all time) so it was pretty interesting to read in the book about her background. i haven't watched her show "the mindy project" yet but i am going to check it out. i also plan to read her new book that just came out -- why not me.

since i wrapped that book up, i dove right into brene brown's new book -- rising strong. i am over 100 pages in already and kind of want to stay up all night reading it. but that is probably not my best plan so i will pick it back up tomorrow.

after i finish that one, i have two more in the cue -- elizabeth gilbert's big magic which i have been waiting for a long time to come out, and jon acuff's do over. i saw him speak for the second time last week, and if you ever get the chance, i would highly recommend that you go to a presentation or book reading that he does. he is one of the best speakers i have ever heard. so good. can't wait to read that book and am pretty sure that the timing couldn't be better since i just switched jobs.

it feels good to get back to turning pages and having my nose in a book.

i always remember how much i love it when i get back into it.

with some good ones in the cue, i am looking forward to putting the phone down and picking the books up at night.

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