Tuesday, March 10, 2015


i have always been a big fan of hope.

for me, hope can be a game changer, especially in the dark times when you are searching for that little bit of light to help you find your way out.

you know that i am a sucker for people helping people.

when i read kelle's if you build it, they will come post last night, i was filled with hope.

hope for kids with Down syndrome. hope for their parents and loved ones. hope for every one of us that there is less focus on differences and more focus on similarities and the capacity for friendship and love. hope for malena that the world she grows up in gives her many opportunities to embrace people she encounters. hope that she will learn from them in ways that allow her to continue to grow and make this crazy world a better place.

i think every person who has loved a kid in their lives holds out hope for that child that they spread their wings and fly.

all kids should be given that chance.

i think that it is awesome that this campaign has started and is quickly growing in leaps and bounds.

if $21 of my dollars can help someone to fly in the future, i consider it to be $21 very well spent.

it is adding some hope to the world.

any time that i get a chance to do that i am all in.

it makes the light seem just a little bit brighter.

more light. less dark. more hope.

that is what good dreams are made of.

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