Monday, February 4, 2013


i am definitely surrounded by abundant kindness, that much i know for sure.

+++ i got another package of fun mail from crystal's high school kids last week. they totally rock.

here are just a few excerpts:
"hey alli, notice i said "hey", not dear, this is because i feel as though we are now at a much less formal level than before. i hope you are feeling well. heard you had a little party night after the news? good for you! i am glad it was good news and hope for more soon! i knew you were a fighter. i have high hopes for you, i feel like you will be great soon."

"the most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. these persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. beautiful people do not just happen."
(elizabeth kubler ross)

"i don't really know you, but i know a lot about what you are going through. if anything, your fight has showed me that there are harder things in life, and like you, i shouldn't give up and should keep fighting. i have faith that you will can beat this, because mrs. jilbert has told us how strong you really are, and if that is so, cancer should just run and hide. i'll pray for you and hope you will beat this alli."

+++ my friend jen (or fun jen as i call her) has started a mail campaign for me from california, which i knew nothing about until i got a card and a letter from california last week (hi jonas, hi alie;)). a great surprise. apparently, i will be getting more fun mail from cali for quite a while. love that cali juju, it can only bring good things. i just know it.

+++ my friend marcie (or marcie-roo as i call her) started a fun mail campaign for me at her school. her and crystal had the same idea and didn't even know it:) so i just got a package of great cards from miss stadnik's 5th grade class. so cute.

here are just a few excerpts:

"hope you will get better. i am so sorry for your cancer. i do not like the sound of stage 4. we all wish you to get better. why did the doctor cross the road? to save miss paradis's friend."

"you can kick cancer's bum;)"

"hope you get better. smiles can make you feel great. hope you have a really good day."

+++ today was a good day (after the work part). i got to hang with some of my favorite ladies for pedis and catching up on girl time with a great dinner afterwards for our monthly monday mystery club (excellent planning ellie, you rocked it!). i got to come home and lay with malena and talk about our days before she went to sleep (how many meetings did you have today mom? what were your meetings about? what color are your toes painted? can i see? did you know that i saw kittens today? what did you eat for dinner with your friends?). i had fun mail in my mailbox thanks to marcie, alie in california (love the silly putty - malena and i will put that to good use), and elisa;). it is always nice to have some fun mail in your mailbox when you also have medical bills in it, two bills totaling $23,000 in the last two days for my scans. we are so lucky we have insurance so we pay a portion of those bills. i often think about those families that don't have insurance or the ability to pay their bills, and how one round of scans alone can have such high costs they can never financially recover. another part of the realities of cancer that i absolutely hate.

happy tuesday everyone, enjoy it. xo

+++ hi bp, keep your chin up:) xo

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