Tuesday, February 26, 2013


i had an appointment with my dentist this morning for a regular check-up.

i love my dentist.

i have been going to her for about 15 years. i first went to her when i was right out of college and lived in kirkland (hooch/em - the ol' LT days;)). since that time, i have lived as far as two hours (without traffic which never happens, so really it was like three to four hours) away, but i always kept the same dentist. she totally rocks and the drive was worth it. i love my hygienist too. big love from me in that office all of the way around. barrett and malena go to her as well, so they know our entire family.

as i was driving to the appointment, i realized that i would have to tell them the latest because they always want the updates - to note in my chart but also because they care. what i didn't realize as i was thinking about that was that it would be the first time i would tell someone who didn't know that i had stage iv cancer.

so as i did, the tears started to fall and stream down my face. those tears snuck up so fast i didn't even feel them coming on. it was surreal. i could hear my voice, i knew the words were coming out of my mouth, but it didn't seem like those words were ever meant to come from me (they should never have to be words that come from anyone).

it was rough, but they were awesome of course and gave me a lot of encouragement as i knew that they would.

another first hurdle in this stage iv race with the black beast.

but i cleared it, and i am still running.

ps) kelly - thanks for your great comment, if you leave me your email i will connect with you. tnx.


  1. Hi Alli,

    My email is kellyharms@canby.com. I would love to connect with you!

  2. A lot of people, if not most, hate their dentists, but I am happy to hear that you have an amazing one. And hygienist that treats you more like a family than just a patient to boot. Plus the fact that she's also great in her profession made her even more lovable. I hope your partnership will go on for many years to come!
    Weston Wadlington

  3. It is great that your dentist seems like an old friend of yours and that he cares, not just because you’re a client, but because he genuinely does. At times like this, companionship and comfort are your weapons in fighting the beast. Keep on battling!

    Your Caring Dentist

  4. It’s great that you have people to confide in, and that they want to know what’s going on with you and get involved in your life. Though the relationship started in a doctor-client standpoint, it’s hard to say that she’s “just your dentist” after all these years of being acquainted, and eventually, friends with her. I hope you’re doing well and with friends and family right now.