Monday, February 20, 2012

long time, no write

hi all...hope you are doing well.

i just got back from a week long trip to maui to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary. barrett proposed on maui, so we had always planned to go back for our 10th wedding anniversary. but here is the thing, why wait to go? i don't have much patience for waiting on fun anymore. why postpone fun that can be had today for some hope that it will happen in the future? plus, after the last year and a half we have had, it was a good time to have some fun and relax. we both needed and deserved it.

the timing of that trip came at the same time as i was debating what do my with my blog. keep writing or stop writing.

i will keep writing. this blog has been really good for me and has definitely been a source of healing. healing is what i decided this year is about, right? right. so can't stop now.

so i will write, hopefully you will read, and we will see together how this year shakes out. one thing i committed to myself is that i will write updates when i have something to say or share. so there may be days in between posts, don't worry - i won't be wavering, i will just be in between posts.

when deciding to keep writing, i thought quite a bit about the conversations and emails that i have shared with many of you about my blog and your feedback about my words and the feelings behind them. those exchanges were a large part of why i decided to keep on writing. i thank you for that.

on this day, i would also like to say...
++ mike/jen - so proud of you guys - what a great accomplishment, and i can only imagine that you felt some healing with each step that you ran. you inspire me.
++ greta - hang in there, you can do this. one shot at a time. one day at a time. keep up the great work.

more soon. xoxo.


  1. I am so happy you are going to continue. Sorry i fell behind reading but I am all settled in .... so no more excuses :)

  2. yeay! So glad the blog will continue. can't wait to see what this year will bring!