Monday, February 27, 2012


don't tell barrett (i often like to brag about my perfect driving skills), but today i got lost in bellevue when i left my doctor's office. i thought that i was taking a shortcut, that was an incorrect assumption. it was a longcut. when i realized that i didn't know where i was, i got really anxious. i drove around for a little bit before i thought 1) i could figure out where i am by using my phone - duh, 2) i am bellevue, how lost can i really get, and 3) my car tells me i am going west, i need to go east, so i need to turn around. since i am writing this, you can probably tell that i made it home safe and sound. once i got going the right direction and figured out where i was, i realized how anxious i was by not knowing where i was and where i was going. one of those moments when i think about how my anxiety meter seems to be on a faster throttle these days. what was clear was that i didn't like not knowing where i was and where i was headed. but if i ever go that way again i will know exactly what to do. i realized while i drove home that i feel the same way about cancer, if it was to come my way again, i feel like i would atleast know which way to head and what to do next.  so for that reason, the short(long)cut was a goodcut.


  1. Good thing no one told Barrett ;).

  2. Barrett is crackin' me up! Seriously though, LOVE this one. So true.
    I had a little sister through Big Brothers/Big Sisters that would just freak out when I got us lost when we were going somewhere new. One day she told me that the reason she got so nervous was because when her mom got lost they usually ran out of gas. So I told her that I always made sure to fill up my gas tank before I would pick her up. After that, she never freaked out when we would take a wrong turn or the "long cut" as you say. So maybe you just need to remember to "check your tank" before you freak out, and know that you have the "gas" to get you wherever the road takes you.