Wednesday, January 18, 2012

yes please

thin mints. yum!
graphic via pinterest

after i was diagnosed with celiac disease, my love for eating thin mint girl scout cookies came to a sudden - and very sad - end. it has been almost 5 years (aka an eternity) since i have ate a thin mint cookie. i always drool (and i do think i might literally drool) when i see those green boxes when the big sale is on. those girl scouts make me walk by them (and i think that they secretly know how much i love those thin mints) and i always buy some and then give them to someone else who can eat them. might as well share the love if i can't eat them myself, right? but my life has again taken a turn for the better. i saw this recipe today and you know i am going to whip some up soon. they are definitely on the list of new recipes that will make an appearance this year. drooling now just thinking about how good they will taste. i will keep you posted on my success. maybe i will post a pic of myself with chocolate all over my face and you will know immediately what i have been up to. i might have sweet dreams of thin mints tonight. i can only hope.

the new recipe that we will make this week is these toffee bars. malena and i are going to have a friday night baking date night. can't wait. i love the packaging idea that marta includes in her post but figure that i should probably make sure that i can crank out an edible batch before i get too carried away with cool ideas on how i can share them.

remember how i committed to a new recipe every week? well this week it looks like i will exceed my own expectations. tonight i made chicken with seasoning cooked in this salsa and it turned out awesome. that salsa is a current favorite in our house right now, found it when i went on this trip to the christmas store. since that trip, we have been back twice to buy more salsa before they ran out. i also whipped up some homemade sweet potato baked chips with feta and seasoning with some olive oil added in for good measure. glad that it turned out so well since i was making it up while i cooked. tonight's dinner will definitely be repeated. with the toffee bars, we are looking at two new recipes this week - maybe three if i wake up at midnight and make those thin mints;)

feeling a little bit more healed each day. loving that.


  1. That recipe does not have a single girl scout in it. Do you think it will work?

  2. CF and I are having a baking date night tonight as well! We are making choc. chip cookies. Per CF "the real kind, not the kind you buy at the store and then just bake at home". gotta love how he has already caught on to my shortcuts. Way to call me out kid! He's so right, the real kind are so much better.