Sunday, January 22, 2012

love list

it has been an interesting couple of days around here. snowpalooza came and went (well, the snow is still around in our neighborhood) as did our power. but we were lucky ones as we weren't out for as many days as some friends (and as some friends continue to be - hang in there sasha).
malena was pretty excited to wake up each day and check out what had happened outside during the night.

but even with the craziness of the last couple of days, there are many things on my list of things that i loved about the last couple of days....
~ loved the ability to have a gas fireplace (even tho the fan didn't work to actually produce very much heat) when the power was out so that malena could take a nap next to even just a little bit of heat

~ loved the estradas being the hanson's snowzilla emergency shelter so we could keep malena warm
~ loved hearing good scan results for a friend (woohoo sharon!!!!)
~ loved my baking date night with malena producing some awesome chocolate chip cookies and toffee bars - both super yummy (jill - so fun knowing that you and colton were also have a baking date night!)

~ loved finding the perfect additions to the great pieces that i found at red door in olympia years ago and are the centerpiece of our dining room table. i am also loving green being the focus of our dining area. green just makes me happy.
~ loved having a saturday craft date with malena, michelle and alexis to make valentine's at paper source in bellevue, one of my favorite stores. ever. we crafted it up and had some good girl time while cutting, glueing, and decorating.

~ loved the gf food at the matador - so, so good. definitely a new favorite. fajitas and reisling. it doesn't get much better than that. yuuuuuuum.
~ loved getting to celebrate a friend's birthday as he rings in another - and hopefully another one filled with good health - year (hi lisa;))
~ loved the french toast that my mom made for breakfast this morning on some new gf cinnamaon bread she found for me.
~ loved getting to swim with malena and watch her swim almost half the distance of the pool all by herself, our little mermaid
~ loved the power nap that i got this afternoon
~ loved reading this article (jill, i saw you post this one as well) that reminds me to not be tough on myself when i don't/can't embrace every single moment with malena each day
~ loved the thoughts in this sentimental clutter inspired article, gave me thoughts on how to both hold on and let go of those things that carry special meaning
~ loving the thought of making these for breakfast, have a feeling they may be on the "new recipe" list in 2012

with all of these things that i have loved and am grateful for, i have decided it is time for another card giveaway. if you leave a comment on this blog update (for those of you that get blog updates via email, you will need to actually go to the blog to leave a comment - and if you can't do that for some reason, let me know as i think i fixed the problem that wouldn't allow some to leave comments). i will send the winner 6 homemade valentines cards (with stamped envelopes) so that you can send them on in february for someone you love. leave a (marcie, "a" means "one", not two or three like last time:)) comment by 5pm on tuesday and i will announce the winner on a wednesday update.

happy monday peeps, another week of all new adventures begins. here we go.


  1. I love that you always (seems like) post a new blog update on Sundays...because it really helps to set a good tone for my Mondays. :)

  2. You know I can't resist a chance at Alli cards. And, in true Zachary form, he told me as we were making the valentine puppets "this would be much more fun if I was making them with Malena."

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  4. I'm in for the drawing! :) Loved the love list!


  5. How did Malena become a better crafter than me? Not surprising actually - it's in her genes. Megan