Monday, January 23, 2012

really monday, give me a break

oh monday, sometimes you are a real pain in the arse.

first, i about broke my butt as i ice skated from my car to the bus this morning. i had to pull a couple of triple axles (totally kristy yamaguchi style) to make it, but i finally did. awesome way to start the morning (as if the 5am alarm going off was not fun enough). ugh.

second, long day at work for many different reasons. ugh.

third, left work to head out for a doctor appointment (don't worry, not cancer related) and had to grab a bus. which i did on time. and it was standing room only, at 3:30pm, that is not ok. however the driver took a wrong turn for part of the route which put us in crappy traffic and delayed us for about 20 minutes. ugh.

fourth, i got off of the bus to find that - wait for it, wait for it - i couldn't get into the driver side of my car because someone had parked too close to me. across the line. so livid at this point. i had to climb in from the passenger side, and i could barely get the door open on that side. so glad that i took the time to ensure that i was parked right in the middle of the parking spot this morning. before i stepped out and almost broke my butt. ugh.

fifth, i drive to my doctor appointment. they are 40 minutes late calling me into the appointment. there is not enough time for me to finish the appointment before i have to leave to get malena. i then have to make another appointment for next week. seriously. ugh.

so all in all, it was a monday. but then i got to pick up malena and things started to turn around. she chatted me up for the entire ride home. we had a good dinner and she entertained barrett and i with her funny mannerisms.

i also took a deep breath and thought that today could have been a shot night, but it wasn't.

i didn't just get my you-know-what kicked for the last year for no reason. i did it to have more days - which includes the ones where i am climbing in my car from the passenger side as well as the ones where malena talks to me about cars "tripping on the ice because it is slippy". or the days when both happen, like today, all in all a good balance.


(sidenote) for those of you who told me that you can't comment on the blog and wanted to enter for the card giveaway, try one of two things. one...try writing a comment and include your name in the comment and use "anonymous" as the "comment as" selection for how to post it. two...try writing a comment and include your name in the comment and use "name/url" as the "comment as" selection. one of those two things should work, i double checked my settings to make sure that anyone should be able to submit a comment on the blog. if it still doesn't work, let me know - it must be a techie thing on my end that i am not smart enough to figure out. good luck:)


  1. All in all sounds like a good day. Life on life's terms.

  2. I think if I were you I would be keenly motivated to create some type of notice to post on my drivers side window as I exit my vehicle in the park n ride in the mornings. Perhaps something in hazard yellow paperstock using grown-up words.