Saturday, December 24, 2011

red nose

um, how cute is this idea that becky higgins posted on her fb page today? i know, very cute. a friend made this for her as a welcome gift. i am soooo doing this next year. love it.

also on my love list from today was this story on the curly girl design blog. my favorite part of the post was this excerpt...

Time well spent with those you hold dear is too big to put on any wish-list or gift guide. It doesn't fit into a stocking or sit under the tree.

It calls you on a Wednesday or shows up with a bottle of wine. It takes a walk with you, or a long drive. It travels through two airport hubs and goes through security to get to you. It doesn't involve gadgets or take batteries or need it's software to be upgraded, in fact, it often requires you to unplug.

It is the best gift you can give someone else or yourself and it will never be worth less than what you paid the day after Christmas! I promise.

when reading these words, i had a rapid fire of thoughts move through my head about the time well spent with those that i love. i am so very lucky, i have a lot of people to love. it is laughing. it is the funny text messages that make me smile and even sometimes laugh out loud. it is having a drink with a friend and talking about everything and nothing and anything in between. it is getting a hug. it is giving a hug. it is being comforted. it is giving comfort. it is being told you can do what seems impossible at the time. it is having cheerleaders who always are there to cheer you on, even when you have been benched. it is hearing a knock on the door and knowing that someone you love is on the other side. it is hearing the word "mommy" and knowing you will never get tired of hearing that little voice say that one little word. it is listening. it is being listened to. it is the unexpected fun mail waiting in the mailbox. it is the unexpected gift from a friend when they give you something for no other reason but that they knew you would love it. it is hoping for the best. it is comforting when the best isn't the outcome you get. it is the email with kind words that comes at just the right time. it is knowing that you are loved just as much as you love. it is realizing that it is ok to mess up as long as you get up. it is knowing that you are strong enough to keep going, and even if there was another option, your choice would still be to keep going. it is knowing that it is ok to be really scared, that just means there is a lot to lose. it is letting go of some things that really aren't important for those things that really are. it is making things better, and when they can't be fixed, it is being there to say that you aren't alone.

this christmas i am so very thankful for all of the things that can't be wrapped up and put under our tree or in my stocking.

santa knows what i am really hoping he brings me for the next year.

i have always believed in him.

i know he believes in me too.