Wednesday, December 7, 2011

jingle all the way (with no sleep) the nightmares are taking a toll again. they are back every night and unrelenting. i have not got much sleep in the last two weeks. i am starting to feel like a walking zombie. i was wondering at work today if people could tell they had a zombie in meetings with them. if they knew, they didn't let on. very nice of them. i can't wait until i sleep again. i really miss sleep.  i hope that i am not waiting for its return for too long.

on to happier things (which is coinciding with "modern family" being on tv right now which always makes me happy)...

- last weekend i went to the timber creek christmas shop which is a must shop/stop every christmas season. they have two cabins full of great gifts and christmas decorations. one cabin is all christmas ornaments and gifts. here is what the front door to the christmas cabin looks like....

when you walk in to the cabin it is warm and toasty and there is music playing (the quiet kind, not the overpowering-too-much-christmas-music-kind) and they offer warm cider. love that. here is a little glimpse of the fun inside...
- we went to snowflake lane last night for some snow and drumming fun. great time. got to kick it with the michelle and her clan which increased the fun factor.

- if you are looking for cute, free, downloadable christmas postcards you need to click here, a great tip from how about orange

happy thursday all...we are so, so close to friday. woohoo.

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