Tuesday, December 20, 2011


this awesome homemade card is from my friend jill (jill - you know i am framing those other cards too asap, love those as well, xo) who rocks it in wisconsin.

on friday we checked out the gingerbread houses at the sheraton, very fun, and the donations go for diabetes research. fun and a good cause - win win. here are a couple of the pics. these are serious gingerbread mansions people. seriously awesome.

later on friday we tackled our own gingerbread house. it was the first time that malena had made one and she loved every second of it. she also ate some of the candy while she constructed, pretty sure that she picked up that habit from yours truly. today she got to make another gingerbread house at daycare, and she was showing it to me while we were getting her things ready. a little girl who is in another class came up to me with the sweetest and saddest eyes and was looking longingly at malena's house and said to me "in my whole life, i have never got to make a gingerbread house." oh man, i wanted to rush out and get her a kit asap. a reminder that those traditions that seem so simple are ones that some kids never get the chance to do. we are so lucky. when we decorated our house, we had two expert helpers - mema and papa who were critical to the overall construction and decorating process.

i agree with you, i think that ours is the best too. who needs mansions when you have spice drops and peppermint circles and can eat the candy? the last pic one is one of the many that malena took herself of her house. i think that i have about 60 gingerbread pictures on the camera. our little annie leibovitz.

shall we move on to some other holiday fun? we shall.
- if you want easy to make and good to taste chex mixes during the holidays (and i know you do and so do i) then you need to check out the recipe for this honey chex mix (tnx gloria for introducing me to my newest addiction). when my cousin gloria made the mix she didn't include the sesame seeds and subbed the cherries for craisins. so, so, so, so good. another yummy mix is the chocolate muddy buddies recipe which my mom makes for me (yes, i am spoiled but i deserve it right?). i am the first to admit that i am a sucker for good chex mixes.
- if you need a good idea for what do with your christmas cards, i have one for you. years ago my mom gave me a suggestion that i use every year. i keep the fronts of the christmas cards and use them the next year to decorate our presents. i haven't bought bows for christmas presents for years, the gifts look great, it's a good way to reuse the cards, and they make my presents easy to pack up when we need to take them somewhere. get a glue stick and you are good to go. i told you it was a good idea. you are welcome.
- there are a ton of holiday ideas on marta writes today, many of them diy and i would love to stay home tomorrow and craft some of them up.

wednesday, i love you. you represent the half way mark.

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  1. My 16 yo son just finished making his annual gingerbread house with my wife. when he first started, it was for him. Now he does it for her. Build those traditions.