Monday, November 7, 2011

take what you need

how awesome would it be if these signs were everywhere and you could take what you need when you needed it? love that idea. on kelly rae robert's blog she has this sign available to download - for free!!!! i will be doing so immediately. kelly rae roberts is one of my most favorite artists in the world and i have surrounded myself with many of her pieces in our home. i have one of her pieces in my living room, one in a hallway, one at my craft desk, and one at my desk at work. i really connect with them and i like getting to see them each and every day. i have big love for her and her paintings. i would highly recommend checking out her shop if you need the perfect gift for a woman in your life. spread the kindness. take what you need. i bet you will get what you need in return, maybe when you least expect it. 

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