Wednesday, November 23, 2011

many thanks

malena's mr. turkey

this thanksgiving i am thankful for (these are some highlights, the list would be endless in its entirety)...
- being here to celebrate this holiday
- my family (inclusive of melhoff, ray, sheehan, hanson peeps)
- my friends (how did i get so lucky?)
- a warm home
- a car to drive
- my job (even on the days when i don't get to use the restroom more than once)
- the food we will eat tomorrow (and friday, and saturday, and sunday)
- denise being able to be in texas to see ty graduate from basic training (love you ty!)
- laughter (can't get enough)
- smiles
- good hugs
- cinammon bears
- thinking that i sound good when i sing in the car (i do sound good, right?)
- music
- hats
- the gf pecan pie i am going to eat tomorrow (assuming it is good, haven't had this brand before, i may revoke this one from the list if it isn't good, stay tuned)
- fresh air
- my general doctor
- my oncologist
- my nurses
- all of the staff at scaa
- cupcakes
- my counselor (her ability to always make me feel like i am doing better than i think i am)
- fun times to come in december
- having a new round of holidays to look on back next year that won't remind of me of treatments
- cheese
- my craft room and all of my crafty goodness inside of it
- time to make cards
- games (current favs in house is "five little monkeys" and "let's go fishin'")
- an upcoming new year
- umbrellas (especially in last two days of sideways rain with major wind)
- endless memories
- happy hours
- pictures
- my favorite blanket
- art (and being lucky enough to have some of my favorite pieces in my house to see every day)
- traditions
- malena loving to bake, cook, and do craft projects with me (hence mr. turkey)
- flowers
- not having to do a treatment shot tonight
- love
- finding the perfect card or gift
- my elliptical (even when it kicks my you-know-what)
- kindness
- seeing fun mail  when i open my mailbox
- candy
- "modern family"
- naps
- mornings when i get to sleep in
- wine
- fun jewelry
- having time to just walk around my favorite stores and take it all in
- my nightmares starting to decrease
- this blog
- dora the explorer (because she makes malena happy)
- good health for family and friends
- waking up tomorrow to have another day
- hope


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Alli! I'm thankful you're doing well! And will be thankful for bottomless fries and gelato with you in Feb!