Wednesday, November 9, 2011

friday, are you here yet?

seriously. today was a long day. i mean looooooooooooong day. work was rough, one problem after another. that always makes for a brutal run at the office.

then i had the pleasure of riding a super crowded bus. when i got to my car, i had the following note on my windshield:

apparently i didn't park far enough within the lines. i will keep this note in my car so that i can use it when this happens to me again. i guess i should be thankful she didn't key my car (right kelli?;)).

about ten minutes later, i rolled into daycare where this note was waiting for me:

yep, nothing better than dora underwear and poop to end the day. totally appreciated the note. the wrapped up bag of poop and underwear attached to malena's bag wasn't a good enough clue. the fact she was wearing different pants also did not make it clear. couldn't have put that one together on my own without the note.

so, friday, i am not sure what is taking you so long, but you need to hurry the hell up. if i get one more note i will officially be pushed over the edge.

seriously, get a move on. don't make me write you a note, it won't be nice.

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  1. I'm just having a hard time getting past the typo in underWARE. Hope you can see Friday now. :)