Tuesday, September 20, 2011


i am still not feeling a whole lot better as the interferon continues to work its way out of my system. it is putting up a good fight. last week i continued to be nauseas and have muscle aches, mornings were particularly tough. on sunday, out of nowhere, my chest got really tight and i got really sick to my stomach - i was actually wondering at one point if i could be having a heart attack. i was down for the count from that point forward on sunday. the couch and i did not part ways for much of that time. today i was so nauseas in the morning that i felt like i had done a shot last night. if we hadn't got rid of the interferon and the needles, i might have thought that i had done a shot while sleepwalking since i felt so crappy. my nurse at the oncologist office said that some patients have triggers post-treatment where their bodies will unexpectedly kick into gear with side effects as if they were still doing shots, and that those triggers can happen for a while after treatment ends. oh goodie, more fun to look forward to. my right side is still sore, and has been really sore since the episode on sunday. we will continue to monitor over the next week or so to see if the pain decreases again. my mood is not great (that is being overly generous with myself) and i have very little patience and am very short-tempered (super fun for those around me i am sure, not fun for me either). like malena's favorite mickey train movie (which i heard for the one millionth - yes, i am counting - time on the way home today), i will keep moving on the tracks. onward i go. one day at a time. choo choo.

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