Thursday, September 15, 2011

a couple o' things

i love it when i get to the park and ride and i can't even get my door open to get into my car. yes, there is nothing better than having to climb in my car from the passenger side, over the console, to get into the drivers seat. the last time that i had to do that at this park and ride was when i was about 8 months pregnant, i am sure that you can imagine how fun that was. the last time i had to do this was in my parking garage at work about two months ago when someone parked over the line and i literally couldn't even walk between our cars. luckily this time, no one was parked on the other side of me by the time that i got to my car. with my luck, if there had been, i wouldn't have been able to get in on that side either and would have had to macgyver my way over two rows of seats from the back of the car. it could have been worse, that is what i told myself as i climbed over the console and tried to get my heeled boots in between the steering wheel and the seat. i love (hate) taking the bus. i love (hate) park and rides. i miss (in a big way) driving my car into work. i don't miss (at all) paying to park my car at work. trade offs.

potty training is really hard on a girl. very tiring. a two blanket, baby, and binky kind of tired. i totally sympathize. mommy will need a glass of wine this weekend, my version of two blankies/a binky/a doll. or maybe i will skip the wine and go to bed as soon as possible, both sound like excellent options at this point.

this was right before storytime and bedtime. perfect ending to the day.

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