Sunday, August 21, 2011

long week

this week has been beyond busy. we are just about to complete one of the biggest work deadlines of my career to date, the days have been really long on this final push. we are almost there. in the meantime, that has meant leaving the house by about 6am and getting home around 8 or later depending on whether it is a shot night. brutal for me as long days make me increasingly tired, nauseas, and my muscle aches have been so bad that it is hard to move around much. but after all of my work on this deadline, i refuse to let my treatments keep me from being there with my team. i think that the interferon just wants me to remember that it can make going in as tough as possible. point taken. point ignored.

there has been some good news this week. my derm called and he got all of the abnormal tissue that was in my arm. big sigh of relief. i go back in a week to have my stitches taken out. unless i see a mole change, i won't see him again for a few months.

barrett goes to the same derm and he had an appt yesterday. the doc took one biopsy from barrett's arm where he didn't like the color of the mole. barrett has more moles than i do, so since my diagnosis, he will now go in once a year to get a check. the derm said he was taking the biopsy because although he wasn't really alarmed it is better to be safe than sorry. i couldn't agree more. i also think that we deserve a break, so we hope that the call this week says the biopsy showed that there is nothing to worry about (though worrying until the call comes is definitely going to happen).

it shouldn't be so quiet on the blog this week, stay tuned. enjoy your sunday.

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