Wednesday, August 31, 2011


i told you that i would buy a lottery ticket if the news was good. as you can see, i not only got good results today but i will very rich on friday the 2nd;)

the scans came back good. the spot on my lung has not increased. they saw an anomoly on my liver but could tell it was not anything to be worried about. the areas around where my melanoma were removed looks good, though there are some teeny tiny abnormalities they are not at a size to cause concern. overall, there are no indications that something is wrong. the relief is palpable.  it hasn't really sunk in for me yet.

the pain in my ribs remains unknown. i will go in for a rib x-ray tomorrow or Friday, my oncologist wants to see if the x-ray shows a cracked or fractured rib. one more round of tests coming, but i will take a cracked rib over other possibilities in a heartbeat.

i am so nauseas right now due to the liquid i have to drink for the scans. i feel like i am as green as the incredible hulk. there is much more that i want to say but i need to lay down and rest for a while.

thank you for all of the good thoughts and prayers that you have sent me regarding these scans, they clearly worked.

hug your spouse, your kids, your pets, your friends, your parents, your siblings, or send a text message saying "i love you" to someone who you can't physically reach.

be thankful you have someone to love.

be thankful you are loved.

be thankful you have another day.

i know i am.