Wednesday, August 24, 2011

cross your fingers

barrett's results are in and the mole was abnormal, but it was not cancer, and no other follow-up is needed. good news. we were due. it came early in the week which was nice so we didn't have to spend the entire week worrying and waiting about the results.

speaking of worrying and waiting, i have had constant pain since sunday on the lower part of my right side just above the bottom of my rib cage. i had hoped to get in to my oncologist today. of course the time that they had an opening today was not a time that i could get there by. so tomorrow at 11am i will go in and see what they think. i am actually hoping that we do a scan because i want to know if they see (or more importantly, that they don't see) something. if they didn't do a scan and sent me on my way for some reason, i would be even more stressed and anxious than i am now. we will see how it goes. i am not too proud to beg for a scan. something isn't right. maybe i pulled a muscle. maybe it is a tumor. let's hope for the former. i will let you know how it goes. fingers crossed again please.

this week i have been thinking about a video that i first saw last year. kristian anderson, an australian, made the video for his wife for her birthday which came after his cancer diagnosis. as i approach the end of my treatments, my mind is swimming with what seems like a million different thoughts about what lays ahead. this video was one of them so i thought i would share.

on a totally random note, i updated the actual blog with a great picture that my talented sister took for me. perfect picture (tnx nerd) for the perfect name (tnx rob).

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