Wednesday, December 10, 2014

this one is for judy, part ii + cameron + perspective

thank you for all of the good thoughts and prayers for judy today.

her surgery lasted 8.5 hours and went as planned. so thankful for that.

she will be in the hospital for an expected week or so, and with the last update i got, she was in icu and sleeping.

so keep sending the good vibes judy's way as she starts the road to recovery.

also, please send your good vibes and prayers out to a young girl cameron. she is a college student who started having bad headaches at school, and the doctors determined the headaches were caused by a brain tumor. she had the first part of surgery today with a second surgery to follow tomorrow. i do not know cameron personally, but my aunt does, and she asked for good thoughts to be sent cameron's way.

besides, it really doesn't matter that i don't know cameron. i know that she has been affected by cancer and that is all i need to know. she deserves as many good vibes and prayers as she can get.

tonight as malena and i had a girls night and grabbed some dinner and did some shopping, i was thought about perspective. how cameron and judy would probably have given about anything to be shopping at target rather than be in the hospital. i remember so clearly laying in that hospital bed in so much pain and wishing with everything that i had that i could have been anywhere but there.

so on the days when things don't go my way, and life is so frustrating, i often take a few breaths and remind myself that i am lucky to be in that moment. whatever is happening, whatever is frustrating, whatever is going wrong, i am lucky.

because i know that someone out there would give anything to be doing whatever it is i am doing in that exact moment.

a clearer perspective.

one of the few good things that cancer brought my way.

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