Wednesday, December 3, 2014


on a random wednesday, you may leave work a couple hours early even though there no less than one million things that could keep you there. but you shut off your computer, you drive to your daughter's school, and you walk in and completely surprise her by being the mystery reader for her class. the smile when she sees you walk in reaffirms why those one million things you left behind absolutely do not matter. and how that one smile does.

on a random wednesday, you may celebrate her fifth tooth coming out with her having a chocolate milk and marshmellow dream bar and you having a green tea and a marshmellow dream bar. you might both be in a little bit of afternoon bliss as you enjoy your treats. losing a tooth always deserves a little bliss, right? right.
on a random wednesday, you may need to take your daughter into a restroom and when you do, you are greeted by words that make you smile. you might take your camera out and capture the moment because how awesome is it to see both of your reflections beneath the words "hello gorgeous". yep, pretty awesome.

on a random wednesday, you may ride escalators more times than necessary. in fact, you might look for every opportunity you can to ride one. sometimes you go up, just to turn around and come right back down. for no other reason than she loves it. and that is reason enough to go for some rides.
on a random wednesday, you may go into your favorite store and watch her look at almost every piece of clothing. you may wonder if she is getting thoughts for her sketch book she uses when she watches project runway, and you may wonder if this is just a glimpse of her starting to grow into her own and deciding what colors she likes when she looks at clothes. no matter what the reason, you just stand back and watch, and you love every second.
on a random wednesday, you may thank your lucky stars for giving you that day, and for every single moment of it (minus the work part of course;)).

on a random wednesday, you may feel pretty confident that you will have good dreams.

on a random wednesday, you may know that will be the perfect way to end the day.

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