Monday, December 22, 2014

link love + chaser update

a couple of things that i have loved lately ---

+++ i totally love reading these annual north pole party posts every year, and am feeling totally inspired to do something equally as fun in 2015.
+++ chocolate candy cane muddy buddy mix? yes please. i might whip up a batch for christmas eve, or i might whip up a batch to eat all by myself. either way, it sounds like a solid plan.
+++ i love this advent calendar idea and am going to plan on doing this next year. would be a great way for malena to help think of fun ideas for us to do as well during the holidays.
+++ love this great idea for saying a thank you to your mailman at the holidays -- we always thank ours with some goodies, but this print would be very fun to include as well
+++ this post about cultivating a good life by by doing the things we used to do definitely has me thinking, and planning.
+++ feeling inspired to choose my one little word for 2015
+++ loved this one from ali on practicing gratitude in the middle of the mess

also, here is an update on chaser from his appointment at mayo today:

"Although we haven't been blessed with a smile yet from Chaser since his accident, he sure has no problem letting us know when he is unhappy or something is wrong. He either moans if he is uncomfortable, or crys if hes really upset. But until a few days ago, he crys would consist of a loud, distinct sound, squinting of his eyes, the raising of the eye brows, grimising of his face....but no tears. Well, we can check one more box off the wish list! The other day he had some many tears flowing, his sideburn was soaked. I know its a little different to be happy to see tears from your little dude, but it was exciting to see another "normal" appear! We are taking this as another positive step in the right direction.
We met with the ENT surgeon this morning at Mayo to discuss Jan 7th. We talked about all the potentially effective and available options to better Chasers quality of life. With the many issues of Chases' condition that need to be delt with, his lung health takes top priority right now. Keeping that, and his obvious discomfort in mind, and with the constant buildup of flem in his throat, we collectively agreed to take a chest CT of his lungs the morning of surgery. His Lungs will tell the real story, and take away any assumptions or guessing work. Depending on the condition of the lungs, (same, worse .....or better), we are going to make a game time decision as to how many of the salivary glands will be delt with. We are both confident this is the right decision. Thank you all for you thoughts and prayers. We are pumped to be bringing the family back to the Huge metropolis of Bird Island to hang with the Sheehans, and then its up north to Sioux Country to celebrate JC's B-Day with the Lykken Clan.

Merry Christmas!- from the Lykkens."

keep the love coming.

happy tuesday, make it a good one. xo

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  1. I see your working to get on the Good Girl List! A couple of posts before 10pm. XOXO