Thursday, December 18, 2014

december goals

oh december, watch out, i have some goals that i am going to make happen.

+++ eat candy while making gingerbread houses (already done, and yes, the spice drops were good)
+++ zoo lights
+++ merry go round in redmond
+++ read (note - since the month is busy, no goal to finish a book, but do want to read some pages)
+++ drink 3 hard ciders (i know, i know, this is a tough one, but i think that if i dig deep, i can pull it off like i did in november)
+++ sign up for my next run
+++ choose my word for 2015 -- have a couple i am kicking around, just need to settle on that perfect one
+++ take a nap (this might be one of my most favorite goals)
+++ garden lights
+++ go to a movie
+++ print 2014 pictures that i haven't got to yet
+++ download new music
+++ give hugs (lots of them)

i am also thinking about my goals for 2015, and i am for sure going to order one of elise's goal calendars. setting a goal, and checking each day off, that is pretty much my dream come true. as she says in her post, even if i don't hit everyday (which is definitely going to happen), i will get to see the year of progress and i love that. now i just have to decide which goal to focus on, or decide if i need multiple calendars to track multiple goals;)

happy friday peeps -- hope your weekend is full of good things. speaking of good things, judy is home from the hospital (yay!!!!) and is starting her road of recovery. such great news, all of your good mojo is continuing to work its magic. love that.

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