Thursday, August 30, 2012


in one of the last posts, i wrote about creating a map to find my way. i have not totally got everything mapped out yet, but i have decided on some good stops along the way.

+++ in addition to the "unraveling" class, i signed up for another class focused on project life which i know will help me to get my scrapbooking/photo taking mojo back. coming to terms with pictures and documenting life.
+++ i am going to take a trapeze lesson. i might join the circus after that. i will keep you posted.
+++ i am going to train and run two half-marathons next year. i am not a runner. at all. i should probably be running right now to try and get ready. having something to focus on as a goal in the future is something i need. i want to think about anything other than scans when i think about the future.
+++ i took a class on how to make letterpress cards. so fun. can't wait to make cards and send them to friends and family.
+++ i also took a class on sewing felt projects with two of my favorite girls. super fun. loved getting to try something new.
+++ making fun plans through this fall and into next year. i need fun things to look forward to (not that i don't look forward to day to day life) so i am making it happen.
+++ party planning makes me happy. some good opportunities coming up, including a 21st birthday this weekend and my mom's 70th next month.
+++ i bought a new camera strap which makes me want to wear my camera around my neck every minute of the day. that can only result in more pictures. that is a good thing.
+++ having a new monthly night out with some of my favorite girls. excited.

new steps each day.

a little bit farther down the road.

heading in the right direction.

happy weekend peeps.


  1. Good luck with the circus. This may help you find a gig:

  2. Love. L.O.V.E. the distinctly Alli energy in this post. So awesome. You go girl! Can't wait to hear about your upcoming adventures, especially the trapeze class. :) Have a fabulous weekend dear friend.