Wednesday, April 11, 2012


this morning i stopped in at a tully's before my first meeting of the day to do some work. the tully's was near my old office and i hadn't been in there for years. i remember the very first time i sat in a chair within those four walls. i was waiting to walk across the street for a job interview. that one hour in that one interview years ago, and the offer that followed, would forever alter the course of my life. the career i would have. the friends i would make. the husband i would meet. the baby girl i would adore. sitting in that chair today looking across the street at where my life took a major turn was grounding for me. in some ways that interview felt like a million years ago. in some ways that interview felt like two seconds ago. the girl who sat there in her new suit all those years ago had no clue where life was going to take her. but i clearly remember that was she was ready to find out.

also grounding for me was reading this article - amazing strength (thank you sasha for sending it to me).

getting a little bit more grounded each day. i like that.

+++ i think that malena would totally dig this on earth day
+++ loved seeing kelly rae roberts house - awesome
+++ i have not read an april meeker blog yet that i haven't really liked
+++i could do serious damage shopping on this site
+++this totally cracked me up (jen/michelle - did you know that our boyfriend was so great? love him more than ever;))
+++jon...i had dinner at red robin (or "chicken robin" as malena calls it) tonight. wondering when you are going to fly in from bangkok for dinner like the old times. hurry up already and stop moving farther away from me. not ok. xo.
+++have always meant to watch this show as i have heard great things about it, going to tune in for the new episode coming up. probably with a glass of reisling by my side.

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