Thursday, April 5, 2012


last weekend we headed over to pullman to see my sister and my niece, and it was a weekend of many firsts.

 - we got to check out my niece's dorm which was super fun. the last time that i was in a dorm room was when i took her on a college tour at western (which she didn't pick, but i love her just as much as a cougar). before taking her on that tour a couple of years ago, i hadn't been in a dorm since i was in college. walking into her dorm sent college memories flooding back. some of my best and lifelong friends are the ones that i met while living in 111 nash and 447 kappa. i wouldn't trade those memories for anything. it was very cool to see malena walking around a dorm and checking it all out, i wondered what her first dorm room would look like and the friends she would make. i  hope that she will be as fortunate as i was, she will consider herself to be very lucky. i know that without a doubt.
- we walked around the campus on a beautiful sunny day. i loved following behind malena and watching her take the campus in and ask a million questions about everything that she saw (including watching the football players on the practice field which she was totally entertained by). i thought about which school she would go to. i wondered for a few moments if i would be around to walk with her on her college campus. but i only thought about that for a little bit and then kept walking forward watching her make her way across the bricks.
- we went for ice cream, but this time was different. malena always picks mint chocolate chip. always. this time she picked "the pink kind" aka strawberry. i was so surprised. i was also excited to see her make a new decision. we may just have a new favorite.
- malena's first time in idaho. check another state off of the to do list.
- malena and i had a slumber party each night. she wanted me to sleep right by her and she would fall asleep facing me with her forehead right against mine. very fun. our first time crashing under sleeping bags.
- first road trip with my newphew and malena. she was so entertained making funny faces at him and laughing, and laughing, and laughing. for mile after mile. so fun to watch and hear. pure joy. couldn't help put laugh along.

a weekend of firsts. couldn't have been better.

+++ read my first issue of mamalode front to back. love. love. love. i am entering a contest to win six free issues so i can share the love.
+++for the ladies....if you are on facebook and have the timeline, curly girl designs created new covers like the one below. awesome. if you "like"her page on fb, there is more info from her post on monday.

+++ totally identified with this article, i too feel the need to turn a corner. reading this article was the push i needed. sometimes the perfect words come at the perfect time.
+++this weekend i am going to make cookies but will substitute chocolate chips with cadbury mini eggs (em - i am still drooling from your pictures last week). yum. i just have to figure out how to not eat the mini eggs before i get them into the cookies. that might (will) be tricky for me. (michelle -i have already made some good progress on the bag you sent me;))
+++sharon - loooove the good news about your tests this week - so great!!!! enjoy it - you deserve it. 

happy friday peeps.

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