Thursday, October 11, 2018

scan day, yep - it's that time again

first off, thanks again to everyone who contributed to kelli's fundraiser for the melanoma research foundation in john's name. the total was over $850, you all rock (i already knew that). the winner of the gorgeous cards from my friend jill was my mother-in-law jo who was super excited to get them! thank you all, mission accomplished and you made a difference for kelli and she was so excited to see that total climb.

friday is scan day for me.

i go in at 3:30 and have a ct scan first.

then bloodwork.

then a 45 minute mri. i can hear the jackhammer noise now.

we get the results on monday morning at 8:30.

so start sending all the mojo, prayers and love our way.

gloves up.

anywhere i fight, you fight.

here we go. xo

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