Friday, October 5, 2018

kelli's birthday + fundraiser for her birthday (please donate!) + card giveaway

this is kelli and john.

kelli is the awesome person that we are currently doing the happy mail campaign for as she grieves the loss of john to melanoma.

today, saturday, is her birthday. and this coming monday would have marked their one year wedding anniversary.

kelli has a request for her birthday.

to raise $500 for the melanoma research foundation.

she is currently $345 of the way there.

let's get her to $500 and make her birthday request come true.

it will raise funds for an organization that is working to find a cure for melanoma. clearly, it is a birthday request i can support.

i will be making my donation now.

if you donate, please let me know so that i can let kelli know how her total is growing.

to donate, you can go here.

also, for an additional incentive, my super talented friend jill gifted me some of her handmade cards that she paints and they are gorgeous. she told me to give them away as a giveaway on the blog, and i know that she would think that this is probably the best reason of all. if you donate for kelli's birthday, i will enter you into a giveaway to win the cards from jill.

i think that a donation for a woman who loved her husband more than we all could ever know deserves some love in return. am i right? yes, i think so.

so, let's make her birthday goal happen.

are you with me? any amount will help.

let's do this, i know we can. 

thank you. xoxo

super important update:
+++ my friend mary in wisconsin had her pet scan today and there is no melanoma anywhere else in her body. yes! she will start treatment soon so keep your fingers crossed that her side effects are minimal. she will have a port installed soon and then she will start kicking melanoma's ass. of course, i will be providing updates as she moves through the upcoming months.
+++ oh, and one other thing, f*&k melanoma.

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